Nicola Designer Footwear (NDF)- ShoeSoirée™ was birthed from its owner, Nicola Smith-Oliver’s, passion for exquisite footwear at every price point. Nicola holds a Bachelor’s from the prestigious Howard University in Washington D.C and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. Her love affair with shoes began at age 21, but she was unsure of how to make it her career so she pursued a more traditional Marketing career.  The concept of the ShoeSoirée™ In-home shoe parties- was developed in 2006; however Nicola was focused on her career and education, so the idea was placed on the back burner.

After years in the corporate world, her love for shoes began to take precedence. In an attempt to satisfy her shoe love, she started a Facebook page, Nicola Designer Footwear – ShoeSoirée™, in 2012 acting as a personal online footwear concierge. Followers of her page were be able to describe the style of footwear they desired and their price point and she would send them selections available for online purchase based on their descriptions. Nicola had no idea how quickly this would catch on. Within weeks the page had thousands of followers and hundreds of inquiries. On this same page Nicola also posted footwear available for online purchase and the link that these shoes could be purchased. The popularity of this page caused continuous growth. Followers of the page consistently questioned when NDF- ShoeSoirée ™ would begin selling shoes on their I own site or even develop their own footwear line. After some research and networking, NDF- ShoeSoirée™ is preparing to open its online boutique and further develop the ShoeSoirée™. The goal is for NDF- ShoeSoirée™ to become the premier site for stylish, on trend women’s footwear at various price points and the leading host of the ShoeSoirée™, in-home shoe parties.